Finding Story Ideas From Your Old Man

While working in Jefferson City, story ideas have been a lot easier to come by. There are lots of day turn stories of committee hearings and small local stories to get representatives reactions, but the hard part is trying to find the stories outside the Capitol Building. I look in small local newspapers and talk to ‘locals’ who I know, to maybe get a beat on the competition for stories that will soon become major news headlines, but lately the best source for my story ideas has been my father.

He has not told me exactly what I should cover or how to cover it, but he made me recognize a valuable tool in finding new stories: other news outlets and networks in different markets. Being from New York City, news was a little different for me growing up because it has a tendency to not be the same as news in Mid-Missouri. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. I was recently talking to my father about how Irving Picard is in charge of getting money back for victims of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme. We then went onto the discussion of the New York Mets and other organizations (specifically in the Jewish community) about how they were hurt and what it means for them in the future. And that’s when it hit me. What about Mid-Missourians? How were they affected by Madoff? So very quickly I looked up in court documents people from Missouri, not from the Kansas City/St. Louis area and came up with one name: Richard A. Miller.

Now, I am trying to pursue this story, but it’s not going to well. I can’t find Richard A. Miller. All I have is his old address from 2000, where he currently does not reside. If you have any info on Richard A. Miller, who at one point lived in Columbia, Mo. please contact me with more information.

Nevertheless, story ideas for me have been getting easier and easier to come by. I just have to remember to always keep my eyes open and look out for stories, because the best ones are usually the ones right in front of your face. You just have to realize that  most things are stories and that they apply to real people.

Click here for a link to the court document list of Madoff’s victims.


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