From Cattle Leather to Pig Skin

For class I have produced two packages so far and am in the process of editing my third. The first story I did was on farming and how it was affected by the weather.  I went to a tractor repair shop. In my suit, I crawled on the floor to get the ultimate shot, and you can see by the picture what happened. (I didn’t even get the shot. It turned out to be too dark and shaky.)

But to make my story complete, I had to go to a cattle farm. The New York City Boy, had to go to the cattle farm in Harrisburg, Mo. (Population: 184) I was made fun of the entire time by the people in town, as well as my source. I smelled like cow, I stepped in cow (thank god I knew to bring boots (even though they were for the snow)), and I was covered in cow, but all for a story. There was no excuse I could make to not go to the farm. But that one experience helped me grow as a journalist. I covered a story I had very little interest in, about something I knew nothing about, and manged to pump out  a decent story. I learned so much, everything from calving to combines. It taught me that I can’t be afraid of a story and just have to attack it head on. The more you cover, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the better journalist you become.

The second story I covered was about the Columbia Falcons. The semi-professional football team in Columbia. I went to cover tryouts and got very lucky. I found a player, who was trying out for the team because his best friend died. But, what made the story was that I found the player before tryouts began, so I was able to get B-roll of him during tryouts and track him through each drill.

Whether you are covering cattle or football, you have to prepare. You have to do research before you go out, and know what you are covering. If you have a clear focus at the start, the rest is easy.


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