I Spy With My Little Eye Something…

As a kid, my family would spend lots of time together in the car going from place to place. My sisters and I would be in the way back of the station wagon facing backwards (having a completely separate trip from everyone else, trying not to make eye contact with the driver in back of us) playing games. The two games we typically played were I Spy and the license plate game. We would compete to find the most license plates with different states and try to see stuff that the other couldn’t guess. It was a game of who could be the most observant and perceptive. Little did I know, this is how I would get some of my story ideas to report on. I feel like I am rarely completely at a loss for ideas because all I have to do is look outside and ask questions about what I see. I realized that everything that is visible around us, affects someone. And if it affects you, you probably should care at least a little about it. And if people should care about it, I have learned you have to make them want to care. That is your job as a journalist. You do this by interesting shots with action in them. You can crunch numbers to help make everything make sense to the viewer or even just relate the story as it directly relates to the viewers. It is not about how many facts you can spit out, but rather it is about how you can make someone care. And the best way to do this is by keeping everything simple, without taking away its complexity.


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