A Brick Wall

As I continue to work at KOMU 8, I have been learning what story ideas are and are not. In my most recent shift, I had to find an angle on a mural that has yet to be painted. Shooting video for the story, I decided to get interesting camera angles and talk random people in the general vicinity of the wall. Luckily, I found several people who had something to do with the mural. But what would have happened if the wall wasn’t a story? Where could I have found another one?

This post is going to be the different kinds of day-turn stories you can find in Mid- Missouri:

1. Crime – This is a very obvious story frame. When someone is shot, beat up, stolen from, or anything having to do with acts of crime, then it is an easy day-turn story.

2. Government/Politics – I have worked in Jefferson City for Missouri Digital News and KMOX for a full year now and these stories are important to mid-Missourians because these are the decision from government that directly affect them. However, in this category is more than state government. It is also covers everything from the City Council to the Citizens Police Review Board.

3. Business – These stories are traditionally just the stock market and money issues of major corporations, but not anymore. Now, business stories also deal with local small businesses such as restaurants and crafts studios. These stories are becoming more and more popular with the hurting economy.

4. Stories of Triumph and Tragedy – These are the stories of people beating cancer, schools receiving awards and grants, and stories of military men and women losing their lives. Personally, other than sports stories, these are my favorite to do. These stories are the day-turn stories that can be turned into features and follow-ups, if you keep up with your contacts.

5. Sports – Another obvious day-turn story whether it deals with high-school football or college basketball signing day.

6. Events – These are different community events that mean something to different community members. It is a good way to inform the public on what is going on near them.


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