First Day Jitters

I got an interview at Positive Impact Partners (PIP) with the help of Dave Popkin. I met him through the Bruce Beck and Ian Eagle Sports Broadcasting Camp. I attended the camp for a few years and have gone back visited and kept in touch with the different people involved for quite some time now. And Popkin was one of those people that I kept updated on what I was doing. I knew about his company and wanted to get involved after I decided to do a dual emphasis at the J-school in Broadcast Journalism and Strategic Communication. He is someone I look up to because of his company in the world of strategic communication with PIP and his success in the broadcast world. Popkin got me an interview and now I am an intern/marketing associate for PIP.

Before yesterday, I had no idea what I was actually going to be doing. Was I going to be their coffee guy? Or maybe the delivery boy? I was nervous for the start of the internship, but I was also excited. I wanted to go to work and learn something. I wanted to figure out, by the end of the summer, what I wanted to do or not do as a career.

On my first day, I got in about 10 minutes early, in a shirt, tie, and sport coat. I walked into the office and met Jim Lampariello, who is the President and Managing Partner of PIP. We talked for a little bit and he told me two things I had to know about working at PIP.

1. I didn’t need a shirt, tie, and coat every day. I could dress a little more business casual…I chuckled a little bit.

2. Technically, I am an intern. But, I will be doing more work than a ‘typical’ intern and that is why I also have the title of marketing associate at PIP.

As the day went on I learned about the office and what was expected of me.  I learned that throughout the summer I will have a lot of responsibilities and that there will be time restraints on each of the different tasks I am assigned. On the first day I was given quite a few different tasks dealing with branding, marketing, designing, and advertising for five different clients. I look forward to seeing how my ideas and work is used and put into plans of action for the different clients of PIP.

Stay tuned for more details and specifics.


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