Preliminary Research

One of the responsibilities Positive Impact Partners has for many of its clients is creating and running company’s websites. It’s not as simple as picking a random format on the web and inserting some words and new colors, but it is about developing a professional looking and fully functioning website that is easily has the ability to be updated.

PIP creates brands for companies. The ‘brand’ includes logos, mission statements, brochures, and many other things, but the company has to have some idea of what they want to accomplish. PIP has to know what the goal is. And that is why there are preliminary research survey questions.

Yesterday, I looked at one of those preliminary surveys for clients wanting to create a website and made changes where I saw appropriate. It was directed toward potential clients wanting a website. The idea was that this was a preliminary questionnaire to get an idea of what the client was interested in. It asked questions ranging from the format of the website (vertical vs.horizontal) to the amount of pictures the client thought they would use on the site.The questionnaire was about 35 questions.

So I took a look at it, and as much as I hate to admit it, the class that I fell asleep in the most this past semester, Kevin Wise’s Strategic Research class at 9 AM, actually helped in my analysis. I came up with a few suggestions about each of the questions using the following questions learned at Mizzou:

1. Were the instructions explicit?

2. Was the language simple and active?

3. Do the questions avoid bias?

4. Do the questions  follow the order effects?

5. Are the questions double-barreled?

6. Are the questions too ambiguous?

7. Are there assumptions made in the question?

8. Are the questions too personal?

Using these questions, I made small changes to the questions and made the necessary adjustments and changes to the questions.


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