Blogging for the World

Positive Impact Partners (PIP) will soon unveil their new and improved website and a feature component for the site will be a blog that they have been updating since April. The blog is a WordPress blog, so I know how to use it. Phew. God only knows what would have happened if it was a Blogspot. Check it out here!

The blog has a few different purposes and some of them are:

  • It is a way to give ideas and tips to clients on what PIP can do to better run marketing and advertising for their company.
  • It is a way to show off the creative ideas PIP uses for other clients, so current clients, future clients, and potential clients can see what PIP is doing.
  • It is a way to show that PIP is up to date with all different types of social media and new technology because of the role it is and will continue to play in today’s world.
  • It is a way to promote events that PIP are managing.

Every person in the office must write for the blog when asked. It was recently my turn to post for the blog, and I was asked to write a post about The Bruce Beck and Ian Eagle Sports Broadcasting Camp. Check it out here on

Blogging is to PIP as blogging is to me. The point is that the more places your name is seen, whether it be as a company or an individual, the more chances are that people get to know your name. It is about marketing different entities in effective ways. And because blogging is inexpensive and effective, there is very little reason for people and companies not to do it. All it can do is help.

As a company, it gives you the chance to reach more clients, as well as helping build more of an online reputation keeping everyone informed about the company.

As an individual, it makes you more marketable showcasing your talents, skills, and ideas to potential employers.


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