Part II: Game Day with Play-by-Play

The Walk to Defeat ALS this past week took place in Saddle Brook, NJ. With it being only about one hour from Staten Island, I woke up at 4:30 AM in order to get down to the park in plenty of time. At 6:00 I arrived and at 6:15 we all (PIP and hired workers) started to unload the UHaul truck. All of the water bottles come off the truck and the signs to the tents. The tables are unloaded from the truck and breakfast is served. With only 4 hours to prepare for the start of the walk, we all kick it into gear.

The event ran smoothly. Parking was limited in the first lot, so we had to point people to the lot down the road, but even so, a bus was waiting to pick people up and drive them over to the podium and start line. As more and more people made their way to the walk, at the podium, Dave Popkin of PIP took the lead. He introduced the leaders of the ALS association, politicians, and other participants.

With hundreds at the starting line, the ribbon was cut, and people were off to the races. All we had left for the event to do was make sure to feed all of the hungry participants and keep the kids happy with mascots, face painting, arts and crafts, and a moon bounce.

Throughout the event, I decided to tweet updates. PIP does great work, but the best way to keep themselves ahead of the curve and in front of competition is to use social media at every moment possible. So click here to go to my Twitter and look at June 5th, you can see the pictures. Or click below to see some of the ‘Twit Pics.’

First tent is up and water is already getting put in buckets.

Finishing touches of the signage before the walk.

Food, Food, Food.

Maywood mayor speaking at the podium.

Start line…kids are ready!

Seton hall pirate giving encouragement at the start line!


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