Part III: Post Game Recap and A Look Toward the Future

So now with the Walk to Defeat ALS in Saddle Brook all over, Positive Impact Partners looks to the next day, current projects, and future plans. On Monday morning, the truck is unloaded at the storage unit, but before I left I spoke with the President of PIP, Jim Lampariello and recapped the previous day. We spoke about how the event was a huge success and the fact that everyone had a good time. There was some publicity in one of the local papers. I also showed Jim the tweets I created throughout the event and he loved them. He thought the way I did them was excellent and that PIP should continue to do this for future events. This would not only include ALS walks, but also any other events we help manage, including walks for  Team Walker, a balloon festival, and golf outings. He liked it so much that, while I unloaded the truck, he spoke to the ALS Association and showed them what I had done throughout the previous day. They were thrilled as well and tweeted at me, thanking me for doing what I had done. To see the tweet: Go to my twitter account and look at June 6th, 2011.

With the company on a high of doing another excellent job, we look to the next Walk to Defeat ALS in Yonkers, NY on the following Sunday. And the only marketing we had left to do was street teaming. Street Teaming can be an important and effective tool to promote community events if done correctly. PIP had already done street teaming in prior weeks for this walk, but wanted to get rid of the last fliers, pamphlets, and brochures. Street teaming is important because it’s a way to directly reach the public and have personal face-to-face interaction with people. When advertisements, products, and events have support from local businesses, people are willing to give them a shot. Street teaming allows you to reach people that might not otherwise have been reachable through conventional marketing.

Below is the article about the walk in Saddle Brook and click here if you want to read a quick recap from PIP.


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