A Day in the Life…

As I was sitting at my computer and taking a break from work, I checked out the blog for Positive Impact Partners. I looked back a few weeks ago and saw that one of the old interns/marketing associates, Adam Kirsch, had blogged about his experience at PIP in about 250 words. It was really interesting to see his take on everything once he was done, but I felt like it only said so much. 250 words is not nearly enough words to explain an experience like the one we have at PIP. So I decided to talk to the President, Jim Lampariello about possibly becoming the official blogger for PIP interns/marketing associates. I thought this would be a great opportunity for many reasons.

1. It gives future possible interns a chance to see what you do at PIP on a daily basis.

2. It allows others to see a little more in-depth work that PIP does on a day-to-day basis.

3.It’s a way to extend the PIP brand.

4. It gives an idea of how I am spending a summer.

5. It makes me keep up with this blog.

So here it goes. More blogging about PIP, advertising, marketing, and event management.

Go back and take a look at what I have done already by using the categories and tags at the bottom of the posts.


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