The Magic Words

On December 12, 2004, I had my bar mitzvah. It was a big affair with friends and family from all ends of U.S. and Israel. It was one of the greatest days of my life because everyone was there for me. They were there to watch me do something I had been practicing for months to do. And as a perk the party I got wasn’t too bad. (Thanks mom and dad!) But after the party was the worst part of the entire process…the thank you cards. Each person that came had to get one. And no, they weren’t allowed to be typed. They had to be hand written and personalized. All I could think at the time was, WHO CARES?!?!?!?! Well, now as I have grown up and work for Positive Impact Partners, it’s becoming more and more evident that my parents were right.

A thank you card is necessary. If you don’t send a card, many will not notice, but if you do send one, especially a card that is personalized, people take notice. People feel appreciated. Just those two words, can make you stand out from your competition. It is the simplest and most inexpensive way to further relationships with people and organizations.

In the work force, it isn’t always about how good you are, but so much as who you know. And would you rather someone who is nasty and doesn’t take the time to show their gratitude or the person who is polite, gracious, and willing to help?

This topic comes up after doing an assignment for Positive Impact Partners on making sure we thank every single person and organization involved in the Walks to Defeat ALS. Every business that helped did a great job and deserved a thank you. Every person that helped with the event deserved a thank you. And if they deserve it, why not give it to them?

No matter your line of work, saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ can go a long way. People like to be appreciated. People like when others are considerate. So do it! It can’t hurt…at least not too bad!


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