Marketing for the People

I was recently asked to do another blog post for Positive Impact Partners, in addition to my introduction as the official blogger for the marketing associates. The topic: Non-Profit Organization Marketing.

I started to think of what I have done so far during the past few weeks that I could really write about and then I realized how easy this blog post would be. The reason is the same why I love journalism. You get to help people. When you are in journalism or are able to do marketing for a non-profit organization you actually get to help people in need directly. Without you as a journalist telling these people’s stories; without you as a marketer helping get the word out about a specific cause, how will anybody know about the cause or the organization?

So now you know that you want to market for your non-profit organizations, now what?

Well, a good place to start is to clarify your organization’s mission statement, purpose, and goal. After that, some ideas to implement could be:

– Building a stronger internet presence through social media outlets.

– Creating a large event to drum up support for the cause.

PIP did this through Team Walker and Walks to Defeat ALS. PIP taught me that you have to treat non-profit organization just as any other organization or product. The object of the advertising and marketing game is to stand out from the clutter and it’s no different with non-profit organizations. The only difference is that instead of other products and businesses as competitors, other causes and non-profit organizations are the direct competition. People only have so much time and money, so as a marketer, the object is to make people want to donate their free time and money, designated for charity, to go to your non-profit organization.

Check out what I wrote for Positive Impact Partners’ blog here!


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