My First Long Term Project: Part I – Introduction and Preliminary Research

Just to explain what is about to happen: The next few blog posts will be about my first long term project that was completed last week for Positive Impact Partners.

On my first day of work at PIP, I was given four clients that had some work needed to be done. One of those projects working on a goodwill campaign for Marano Eye Care Centers. I had to design a marketing campaign for the Centers that allowed them to work with New Eyes for the Needy. In my initial meeting to learn of my assignment, I was informed of the clients work, personality, preferences, and other odds and ends that should be known. So filled with adrenaline, I rushed to the computer and recalled what I had learned in classes at The Missouri School of Journalism. RESEARCH! You must know what/who your doing/selling/working for, otherwise you’re useless and doing nothing that anyone else couldn’t do.

I researched both Marano Eye Care Centers and New Eyes for the Needy. In terms of Marano, there were a three things that stuck out to me throughout the research.

1. There were three locations throughout New Jersey.

2. The work they did. (ie. Lasik and Cataract Surgery)

3. Dr. Marano’s reputation as one of NJ’s top doctors.

And when researching the organization, I decided there were three things I wanted to focus on.

1. The organization was founded locally, in Millburn, NJ.

2. The organization is non-profit.

3. The organization helps people around the world, including right at home in NJ.

So, after performing the research for a day, I was ready to come up with a new innovative idea and a  plan of execution.


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