My First Long Term Project: Part II – Brainstorming the Box

After doing all the necessary research to understand the client, I began to draw up a plan of attack. I wrote up a 3 page breakdown of the project. In those three pages, I included the objective, marketing plan, and a sample diagram of what I wanted to execute.

The two parts of the assignment I wanted to execute and knew I needed to stress were:

1. A new design for a donation box to put in strategic places around NJ. (Mainly the three Eye Care Center locations)

2. A marketing campaign to notify as many people as possible about the entire campaign.

And at this point the target audience was identified, but now the hard part was coming up with a plan for the first part of the assignment.

My initial design for the box was a medium sized lightweight cardboard box that would hang on the wall. At just below eye level, the box didn’t have to worry about being too high, so people couldn’t reach the box. It also avoided the box being on the ground and getting kicked around. The box would hang either by nail in the wall, hook, or 3M materials (in order to not hammer a hole in the wall). The lightweight cardboard design would make the box easy to move around and fold up making them easy to store away. I believed that this design would get people to see the box and stand out in the clutter.

On the box itself, I wanted both Marano Eye Care and New Eyes for the Needy to be displayed. And because this is a goodwill campaign, New Eyes for the Needy must be the number one feature on the box. I proposed a that the box have New Eyes for the Needy be featured on the front of the box popping out at people. On the backboard of the cardboard box would be some literature about the Marano Eye Care and New Eyes for the Needy working together. This would be simple, yet elegant.


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