My First Long Term Project: Part III – Brainstorming the Marketing

The second part of my proposal was to identify how to go about executing the marketing campaign to notify as many people as possible about the donation boxes and free eye exams to those who could not afford them.

No matter how good of a project that I could come up with, it would be nothing without publicizing it. Without advertising and marketing the partnership with New Eyes for the Needy, there would be no eyeglasses to donate or free eye exams to give. So I came up with a few different options in how to market the campaign.

While not all of the following elements may have been possible, these are some of the elements to consider in the marketing of these collection boxes and free eye exams.

  1. Internet/Social Media
  2. Direct Mail
    • Post Cards
    • Brochures
  3.   Advertising/Public Relations/Press Releases
    • Newspapers
    • Church/Temple/Worship Center Bulletins
    • Cable TV Commercials
    • Local Television
    • Radio Commercials
    • Ferry Signage
    • Websites
    • Billboards
    • Buses
    • Email Newsletter about the Program
  4. Contests
    • For each pair of glasses brought in you are entered into a lottery
    • Whoever brings in the most pairs wins
    • Giveaways such as: Athletic Events, Theater tickets (Broadway or Paper Mill Playhouse), Discount Coupons to Marano Eye Care

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