My First Long Term Project: Part IV – Putting Ideas to Action

Now that the preliminary research was completed, along with a written up marketing plan, ideas needed to start to be put into action.

I started to look for display and donation boxes. As my research for the best box continued, I realized that the hanging box was not the best choice and that in order to attract the most attention is a bigger standing box that comes up to about their hips/waist. And in my mind, the bigger the better. After a day of searching for the perfect box, this is the one I came up with that looked the part and was within the price range: (after I assembled it in the office)

The first box is put together!

The boxes are lined up.

After the box arrived in the office, I passed on my creative ideas for the box to the creative services director, Danielle Fry. She understood the vision that I wanted for the box. My ideas were tweaked here and there by different people, but overall this is what the board came out to be:

The signs finally arrived from the printer!

Then the front part of the box was labeled:

The front labels are on the box!

Then the back board was placed in the box and with double stick tape held against the back of the box and created the finished masterpiece:

The finished masterpiece!


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