My First Long Term Project: Part V – Delivery of the Goods

After the boxes were built in the office, the next stage of the mission became to deliver them to the three different Marano Eye Care Center locations in Livingston, Roseland, and Newark.

I went to the largest office first, in Livingston, and here was the picture of one of the boxes in the office and one of the new easels Positive Impact Partners created for Dr. Marano:

The first box and boards are placed in the Marano Eye Care Center in Livingston!

Here is the picture from the Roseland office:

And another box is set up in Roseland!

And here is the picture of Dr. Marano with his box in the Newark office:

Dr. Marano with his new donation box in his Newark office!

At each location, I made sure to set up the boxes and easels myself, to give the office workers the least amount of work possible. At each office, I was greeted at the desk with open arms and big smiles to seeing the donation boxes. And the only question that was asked about the glasses themselves and how they would get to New Eyes for the Needy. PIP made it clear that we would help them deliver the glasses to the non-profit and that as long as the office facilitated the boxes and made the appointments with people coming in for the free eye exams, then their life was easy. And that’s what you do for a client. You make them happy and make life as easy as possible. You make them feel like they can ask you to do anything and that you can come through quickly and effectively.


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