My First Long Term Project: Part VI – Marketing the Goods and Success!

Now that all of the physical boxes were distributed, we started letting people know about the boxes. So the first thing I did was send out this press release below. I sent this out to every New Jersey newspaper near the three offices, different organizations, local TV stations, radio stations, and online blogs.

“Dr. Marano and his Eye Care Centers are thrilled to announce their new partnership with the long time successful local non-profit organization New Eyes for the Needy. The Eye Care Centers are now offering free eye exams to those who cannot afford it otherwise. And in addition, they will also be collecting new and used prescription eyeglasses as well as non-prescription sunglasses. Dr. Marano Marano Eye Care Centers will have collection boxes in its offices in Livingston, Roseland and Newark to encourage its patients and friends to donate new and used prescription eyeglasses as well as non-prescription sunglasses. Marano Eye Care Centers will also be referral sites for vision exams for the organization. “New Eyes for the Needy is a great organization that has helped over seven million people in the world,” explained Dr. Matthew Marano, who founded the practice and has been named a Top Doctor in New Jersey for five straight years. “I am overjoyed to help people see clearer than ever before right here in New Jersey. To give the gift of sight to people is one of the most uplifting things we can do.”

New Eyes for the Needy is based in Millburn, NJ and was founded in 1932. Their mission is to improve the vision and hope of poor children and adults by providing them with eyeglasses helps people productively carry on daily activities such as a students succeeding in school, adults securing a job, and senior citizens reading medicine labels.

Marano Eye Care Centers specializes in family eye care and corrective vision surgery including Lasik and cataract treatment. For over 25 years. Dr. Marano and his associates have treated both young and old patients with great success by embracing innovative and cutting edge technology.

The free eye exams and donation boxes will be at all three locations in Livingston, Roseland, and Newark. “


In addition to the press release, the information of the free eye exams, donation boxes, and partnership with New Eyes for the Needy was now on various social media websites. Also, there are new pages on the Marano Eye Care Center website specifically linked to this project, New Eyes for the Needy, and Positive Impact Partners. Here are some of those links on social media websites:

Marano Eye Care Center Facebook

Positive Impact Partners Facebook


In the past week I have visited the offices and they have already collected 10 pairs of eye glasses!

Overall, this campaign has started out well and when it is all said and done, I think it will be a huge success!


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