From Big East Player of the Year to NJ Hero

This past week ran a little bit different than most weeks. On Tuesday, Positive Impact Partners’ President Jim Lampariello, another marketing associate and I left the office in the morning for a few hours to head down to Jersey City. At P.S. 22, Jersey City allows Team Walker (a PIP client) to run their summer fun camp for the children. We went there because, on Wednesday, Jerry Walker was being honored as a New Jersey Hero by the first lady of New Jersey, Mary Pat Christie and Governor Chris Christie. We went down to plan out the event. We had to make sure everything was ready from notifying the press, meeting with the governor’s people, decide which room to hold the ceremony in (the one with the air conditioning), escape rooms in case of emergency, parking, drop off points for the governor, where the children will be and how everyone should look, and many other details. We left in the late afternoon, confident in our plan to execute before, during and after the event.

The next day the three of us went back down to Jersey City with a packed car. We had flowers for the kids to give the first lady, blue and white balloons (same colors as Seton Hall), a helium tank, ribbon, a cooler with water and ice, a lectern, new banners and signs made the night before, and the camera. We had to make sure that everything was ready for the 1:30 press conference. Being there early with the governor’s people, gave us time to prepare the room, get all the kids set up in their Team Walker shirts, and other details all hashed out. The press conference ended up being a success with camera crews and papers attending the ceremony. Throughout the ceremony I live tweeted the event in order to notify the twitter world of the great honor over social media.

Click here to access the timeline of tweets.

Click here to access some of the pictures tweeted and uploaded to Facebook:

Three of the media outlets that had coverage of the ceremony: (Click to access)


Jersey Journal

Seton Hall University


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