Tired of Waiting? … Tough!

One thing I have learned at Positive Impact Partners is the importance of responding to people in a timely matter. No matter the question or request asked of you, respond! Even if it is just to confirm that you finished what was asked of you!

On big long term projects,  I have learned you have to take everything one step at a time. There is no skipping ahead or coming back to a step. In order for everything to come out perfectly, the best way to do everything is one step at a time. And it is better to confirm parts that you are unsure of than to just move on and assume you’re doing things correctly. And that’s what make a lot of the big projects, big LONG TERM projects. Whether you’re trying to contact a client, colleague or the UPS guy, you have to wait for a response. Some people are good and get back to you very quickly. But, others..not so much.

The one thing that must be remembered though is to be polite and courteous. But, don’t forget to be aggressive. To be aggressive, is not to be mean, demanding or nasty. Whether in broadcast journalism or some form of strategic communication, time is of the essence. People have questions and they need answers. If you help them out, they will most likely help you out when you need answers. And at some point, you will need answers from them.

I kind of assume this is how it is at any job, so it’s a skill I would have had to learned at some point, but better now than before I leave school. So now,  one thing I do differently than before is shoot off a simple e-mail saying that everything is done. It makes people calmer and happier. You should try it.

One Response to “Tired of Waiting? … Tough!”
  1. Danielle says:

    Sherman, great blog post. I’d have to say that ‘assertive’ would be a better word here, as ‘aggressive’ can scare folks off. Assertiveness is a great word that is associated with words like ‘strength’ and ‘confidence.’ Aggressive is more like yelling, and assertive is more like standing up for one’s needs. Ciao!

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