Make YAYAs Trust You

This is my blog post for as the Operations Manager for YAYA Connection. (YAYA stands for Youth and Young Adult.) I have blogged for the company and thought I could share the blog post here as well. You can click here to see the blog on the website, or just scroll down.

YAYAs has been the first generation to be influenced by new technologies and constant feeling of being connected to everybody through social media, cell phones and the Internet throughout their lives. YAYAs really don’t know, don’t understand and haven’t experienced anything else. This unique upbringing has had significant changes on the way YAYAs participate in consumer behavior. Any business that caters to a young generation should understand how young people approach their purchasing decisions.

 For instance, YAYAs are the most likely group of people to crowd source.”Crowd-sourcing is popular among the generation, and more than half of the Millennials surveyed (53%) reported exploring brands through social networks.” What does this mean? In this world of over-connectedness, every move a business make is subject to scrutiny. YAYAs are willing to forgive, but won’t forget. Be genuine. After first-hand experiencing growing up in a rough economy and entering the job market at a very low point, YAYAs will never spend the same amount of money on luxuries as Baby Boomers. YAYAs will never have the same trust in the housing market. Owning a home will not have the same meaning to them as it did to their parents. YAYAs can be very loyal to the brands, products and people they trust, but they are often times skeptical. And if you know why YAYAs buy what they buy, you can connect with them no matter what you are trying to sell.

YAYAs are frivolous, but are willing to spend money on two types of products:

1. Products that are good for humanity – “[Millennials] are more likely than non-Millennials to purchase products that support a cause, and when they make direct donations- which 34% of them do- nearly half donate through mobile devices”


2. Products they think are necessities  – For example, a basic cell phone that can call and text is a “necessity” in today’s culture. YAYAs, however, believe that smart phones with Internet are necessities. YAYAs believe the newest and latest technologies are necessities and not the luxuries they actually are.

Given these unique values that YAYAs have, what are some other things YAYAs value differently from past generations?


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