Home for the Holidays or Not…

This is another blog post for YAYA Connection. I have blogged for the company and thought I could share the blog post here as well. You can click here to see the blog on the website, or just scroll down.

Gas is expensive and flights are out of this world, especially during the holiday season. Holiday travel can be a nightmare for those who appreciate quick, hassle-free, efficient traveling experiences. Every year, without exception, airports are crowded and highways are jammed. And every year, news reporters inform travelers that in order to avoid travel problems, they should leave early for their destinations or stay late. For most Millennials, however, this isn’t an option.

Forty one percent of Millennials are in college with a set schedule. When looking at Thanksgiving specifically, most universities issue Thanksgiving breaks from Wednesday through Sunday. Unless a student skips classes or has an unusual course schedule, how can they possibly leave early and avoid crowds and traffic?

Some students are fortunate enough to have a Thanksgiving break that gives them the entire previous week off. This scheduling makes traveling slightly easier initially, but the students still need to return to school sometime between Thanksgiving and the following weekend. Unfortunately, Millennials with jobs oftentimes don’t get offered ample vacation time. Many may even have to work on the holiday itself because of their lack of seniority within the company or organization.

Even though Millennials may find great deals any other time of the year, during the holiday season there are few travel deals to be had. While student discounts are available, they are generally minimal. Between gas and flights, companies are making it hard for Millennials to make it home for the holidays. So, if the industry wants Millennials to be the generous givers they are and spend more money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, traveling costs need to come down. The choice of seeing family shouldn’t be the sacrifice that should be made. What do you think about the current travel prices?


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