Puppy Love No More

This is another blog post for YAYA Connection. I have blogged for the company and thought I could share the blog post here as well. You can click here to see the blog on the website, or just scroll down.

According to the American Pet Products Association, around 62% of homes in the United States own a pet.  That means a sizable number of college students leave their pets at home with their parents when moving to college. So, how do some students fill the void of leaving their pets at home? By finding companionship in a new pet, of course. But, college students have a tendency to forget about the time responsibilities of taking care of pets.

Pet adoption centers in college towns around the country are putting restrictions on letting undergraduate students adopt pets. Local adoption centers are finding that, at the end of each semester, the number of abandoned pets skyrockets because students become overwhelmed with finals and are traveling back to their hometowns. This has become such an epidemic that many universities have set up programs to combat this problem. (Read what Rutgers’ University had to say.)

What does this epidemic say about Millennials? While this group has shown to be pro-animals, they might not have the responsibility and foresight to be pet owners quite yet. So even though most Millennials are technically adults, marketers should perhaps back away from targeting this group with large purchases that might be too high-involvement for the typical college student. Are there any other products that take up too much time for YAYAs to buy and take care of?


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