Strategic Communication Work

During Fall YAYA connection 2012, I worked as the Operations Manager for YAYA Connection. YAYA Connection is a research and consulting firm that produces and curates content. The firm focuses on the Youth and Young Adult Market (YAYA) and their impact on different topics. During my time working as a member of YAYA Connection, we focused our research on how millennials interact and consumer sports. As Operations Manager, I was in charge of a team dedicated to audience development, content distribution and developing a strategic social media plan. My duties as Operations Manager ranged from contributing to the blog, the YAYA Wire, to analyzing web and social media analytics using Google Analytics to presenting during the final presentation. At the end of my time with YAYA Connection, I was asked to return to the firm as a teaching assistant for the Spring 2013 semester.

White Paper

Below is the White Paper that the firm produced as the culmination of our research on how YAYAs interact and consume sports. Click here to see it on the original site.

Media Plan

As part of the final project for a Media Planning, Buying and Strategy class, my team was given the task of creating a media plan book with the purpose of increasing online and application subscriptions to the National Geographic Magazine. This was then presented to employees at National Geographic, editors of major American newspapers, the Reynolds Journalism Institute and professors at the Missouri School of Journalism. (All confidential information has been removed.)


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