Television News Producing

Below are two examples of shows I have produced for KOMU-TV (NBC). When I am producing I utilize my Twitter account to report the latest breaking news. Check out the full website here!

A-Block – February 26, 2013


February 26, 2013 10pm – A Block from Sherman Fabes on Vimeo.

As a supervising producer for KOMU-TV newscast, the local NBC affiliate in Mid-Missouri, I was buried with the never-ending snowstorm coverage. The region was dealing with the gigantic proportions of snow blanketing the Midwest. The next week, a stronger storm swept through once again.

This specific block aired February 26, 2013 at 10 pm. Focusing on the second storm, I began the newscast with video of the vast amounts of snow in Columbia, Mo. I thought this would be an excellent way to captivate the audience with visually appealing content. I felt this set the stage for our show. During the show, I coordinated three separate live shots that came together to be KOMU’s team coverage. Each live shot focused on different components regarding the storm. We also incorporated multiple transitions to those live shots, along with informational graphics and compelling video.

Overall, I believe this show demonstrates my ability to deal with big, busy news day and put a high quality product on the air. I am calm under pressure and work well with my colleagues. I make the best decisions possible for the station, as well as, the reporters, anchors, and directors. This show demonstrates my strong skills behind the screen by keeping time, interacting with the anchors and coordinating crisp live shots. I tackled many obstacles that came along with the dangerous high winds and sheets of ice. This adrenaline pumping show provided our viewers with additional coverage and gave me a new found confidence in producing.

Full Show – September 21, 2012


Sherman Fabes – Producing – 9/21/12 from Sherman Fabes on Vimeo.

I was the producer for this KOMU-TV newscast (The local NBC affiliate for mid-Missouri). This show aired on September 21, 2012 at 6pm. Being a Friday night, the show was mostly live from Faurot Field (The University of Missouri football field) for one of the biggest high school football rivalries in Mid-Missouri. I kept time, managed the rundown and cued all of the talent at the field from the booth. The different parts of the show that were live were the live headline, live teases, parts of the A block, weather in the B block, a live interview with the superintendent of Columbia Public Schools and the final block of the show.

In addition to having an anchor, sports anchor and weathercaster live at the football field, and an in-studio anchor, I coordinated a live shot (with a six second delay) from Columbia, South Carolina, via a LiveU backpack. The reporter was previewing the University of Missouri football team’s first visit to the ‘other Columbia,’ to take on the University of South Carolina. Over the course of the day I managed reporters who were covering the Missouri gubernatorial race debate and U.S. Senate race debate.

The only issues with the show ended up being the graphics in the third headline not being changed by the director and the shaky camera shot to start the show by the camera operator at the field.

Overall, I believe this show is a good representation of my skills as a producer. I am calm under pressure and manage my reporters well. This show demonstrates my strong skills in the booth keeping time, interacting with anchors, managing many reporters with big stories, coordinating crisp live shots under pressure and creativity in giving the viewer different looks.

For more examples of my work at KOMU please contact me at


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